Why do we visit homes?

  • Overall goal of home visiting is to increase student success through building strong relationships between parents and teachers.


  • Home visiting programs are an effective way for teachers to get parents involved in their child's education and to let parents and children know how much they care.

Researchers say

  • Improves children’s academic achievements and social outcomes (Allen & Tracy 2004, Desforges and Abouchaar 2003; Henderson and Mapp 2002; , 2005; Baker, Kessler- Sidar, Piotrkowski, and Parker 1999; Cotton and Wikelund, 1999) •


  • Generates more positive student attitudes toward school, promotes healthy learning behaviors, and in turn, improves academic performance (Allen & Tracy, 2004; Aronson1996; Baker, Kessler-Sklar,  Piotrkowski, & Parker, 1999; Davies 1991; Reglin, 2002; Ziegler, 2000;


  • Leads to fewer absences, greater student willingness to do homework, higher graduation rates, and improved student competence and confidence in their abilities  (Flynn & Nolan, 2008; Kelly Lane, 1998)